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Russian Theater Beyond Time and Place. On the 25th Anniversary of the STEPS Theatre - Vassili Schedrin - The Theatre Times (September 2022)

The Meaning of Theater: Slava Stepnov's "Flawed Choir" at the STEPS Theatre - Vassili Schedrin - The Theatre Times (June 2022)

From Holocaust to Brooklyn. A Love Story ("Enemies, A Love Story", English Version - November 2009) - El Comercio


Сердца Четырёх - Белла Езерская - «В Новом Свете» (July 2008), in Russian

A Russian 'Enemies' - The Jewish Week (June 2008)

The Little Tragedies (Alexander Pushkin) - Off-Off Broadway Review (2007)

To Kill Charlotte (Anton Chekhov) - Off-Off Broadway Review

CAIN (Lord Byron) - Off-Off Broadway Review

Not What It Seems to Be (Julio Cortazar) - Off-Off Broadway Review:

To Kill Charlotte (Anton Chekhov) - Playbill

The Freak of Nature (Luigi Pirandello) - The Village Voice

CAIN (Lord Byron) - Vestnik (in Russian)

Oscar and Lady in Pink (Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt) - "Seagull" Magazine (in Russian)

Pannocka (Gogol) - Kino-Teatr (in Ukranian)

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